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The exceptional properties of thermoplastic foam combined with the core made of high-resilience foam ensure comfort and appropriate ventilation. 




Salto is a reversible, 22cm thick mattress. The outer layer is molded to form 7 firmness zones, to conform even better to natural spine curvatures.


Visco foam (Thermoelastic)

State-of-the-art technology makes the mattress adapt perfectly to the shape of your body by reacting to body temperature. Due to slow recovery rate, thermoplastic foam is also referred to as “lazy foam”. When used in a mattress, it makes the user experience a pleasant sensation of “sinking” into the surface.


High-resilience foam

It is an extremely durable, resilient, tough and lightweight material. It adapts well to the shape of the body, ensuring very good air circulation, which is bound to be appreciated by those prone to excessive sweating.



Technical details

13cm thick high-resilience foam core

molded thermoplastic foam on both sides 7cm (2×3.5 cm)

mattress height: approx. 22cm

7 firmness zones

basic version: in 200g/m² quilted Aero cover, “brick” quilting pattern

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