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A mattress of exceptional height, equipped with innovative oxygenating and low-pressure properties, provides unprecedented sleep comfort thanks to a two-level spring system. Its core is a set of high, innovative and low-pressure Smart Pocket springs, unique on the Polish market, with an impressive height of 18 cm. The specific design of these springs gives the effect of low pressure, which is one of the two main elements that ensure the oxygenating properties of this mattress. Additionally, on the one hand, the mattress is equipped with an additional layer of small Top Pocket springs, only 3.5 cm high, which perfectly complement the sleeping comfort, creating a two-level spring system. Felt spacers are placed between the spring layers and between the Smart Pocket springs and the foam. The Top Pocket side uses modern, flexible and durable Tiger highly elastic foam with a unique appearance that resembles a tiger skin pattern. This foam is characterized by excellent fit to the body, elasticity and exceptional durability. On the side of the Smart Pocket springs, a 3-centimeter high-elastic foam is used. The mattress cover is made of a unique, heavy-weight knit fabric containing oxygen microcapsules. The fabric is quilted with a conditioning fiber of 200 g/m2.

The cover can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. Around the mattress there is a decorative border made of white fabric with the navy blue logo and a white zipper with full 360-degree rotation.

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